Posted by: Anne | February 18, 2008


Last night as I tried to go to sleep, I was haunted by thoughts of two similarly terrible events. As I got to the point where I was almost overwhelmed with the badness, the question came to me, “What can you do about either of those things now?” Of course the answer was, “Nothing at all.” Those things are in the past and no amount of dwelling will change them. I realized (yet again) that if I believe that God works things out as they’re supposed to be – and I do believe that – then I don’t have to worry about those terrible things. Yes, they’re bad . . . but God is in control.

Then today, I’m hit out-of-the-blue with another big concern. Unlike the things from last night, this thing is very present, and yet like those other thoughts, there’s very little I can do about it. So, as I did last night, I plan to carry on, trusting that God will work this out for the best.

And should I start to fall back into fretting, I’ll instead try to focus on how He’s brought me through much tougher times than this. 🙂

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