Posted by: Anne | September 8, 2008

look again

Last night, I heard a bit of potentially bad news, and to say that I overreacted in expecting the worst is an understatement. Fortunately, I refocused on my faith and I’m happy to report that I was feeling much more optimistic by bedtime. Thankful that God didn’t leave me in that miserable state of despair, I wrote a short poem.

Right before bed, I recalled that the sky was supposed to be clear, and I walked over to the window, thinking how encouraging the stars would be. (They remind me of a song that I really like… it’s a long story.) However, to my dismay, I couldn’t see the stars over the lights from my neighborhood. Headed to bed, I decided to look out another window, and this time I could make out the stars straight overhead. It occurred to me that that’s how God is: sometimes, we might lose our way and get overwhelmed by circumstances, but when we look again, we see that He was there all along. For that reason, I call the poem “Look Again.”

Look Again
by Anne Bristow

Things hit me hard,
Catch me off guard,
Knock me down.

I lose my senses.

But then You
Bring me back,
Right on track,
To reality,
To hope,
To You.

Thank You.

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