Posted by: Anne | January 27, 2009

the acorn and the pumpkin


There is an old poem that tells the story of a woman who was walking through a meadow. As she strolled along meditating on nature, she came upon a field of golden pumpkins. In the corner of the field stood a majestic oak tree.

The woman, weary, sat down under the oak and began to muse about the strange twists in nature. Tiny acorns hung on huge branches and huge pumpkins sat on tiny vines. She thought, “God blundered with creation! He should have put the small acorns on the tiny vines and the large pumpkins on the huge branches.”

Resting beneath the tree, she drifted off to sleep. She was awakened by a tiny acorn bouncing off her nose. Chuckling to herself, she amended her previous thought, “Just goes to show that God knew best all along!”

(Author Unknown. Found here.)

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