Posted by: Anne | March 17, 2009

the fifty-twenty plan

On the subject of encouragement, a pastor friend recalls the Bible story of Joseph. Pastor George particularly enjoys Joseph’s response in Genesis 50:20, when Joseph explains to the people who had tried to do him wrong: “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day.”

In other words, even though at times it seemed as if everything had fallen apart for Joseph, God ultimately worked out His plan, not only for Joseph’s good, but for the good of everyone involved. Similarly, Pastor George finds comfort in what he calls “the fifty-twenty plan”, recalling the above verse and knowing that, just like with Joseph, God is working out His plan – for good! – in our lives. Sometimes it may take a while – but it’s worth the wait.


  1. […] A series of fortunate events? Sure, some people would say it’s all just coincidence. (Some people would say the same if a warehouse full of airplane parts exploded and produced a perfectly functioning airplane. 😉 I can attest that some of those “events” felt decidedly less than fortunate while I was in them, and I admit I slipped into despair, more than once. But I’m thankful that, looking back, I’m able to see the pieces come together, and I’m posting about it here to be a much-needed reminder for me to look for the big picture… or should I say, the big plan. […]

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