Posted by: Anne | March 30, 2009

the happy guy says…

“Killing time is not a victimless crime. Time for each of us is finite, and when we kill time, we also kill dreams, opportunities, maybe even life itself.”

“The unknown could be Noah’s ark, teeming with life, packed with excitement. Or it could be a Trojan horse, stuffed with hungry saber-toothed tigers lying in ambush. Why choose to fear? We could just as easily choose to cheer.”

“Why not seize the day? What could stop us? Whatifism, that’s what. What if she slaps my face? What if I fall? What if my mind goes blank? It’s standing room only for whatifisms. … The farmer grows green beans, pole beans, wax beans, even fava beans. The fearer grows couldov beans. When we stock up on what ifs, we end up with could’ve beens.”

“When you drive along the road and see the blacktop right in front of you, do you ever notice how many cracks and potholes appear? But look ahead several yards, and the surface looks smooth? … Put in perspective, all those irritants, all those daily wrinkles, all the potholes and cracks along our path disappear when we look farther down the road.”

(See more quotes from The Happy Guy.)

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