Posted by: Anne | April 29, 2009


(By Dale Johnson)

Our lives are full of changes
Some we feel we cannot bear.
Those changes for the better
Are the ones we quickly share.

But there are those that slip in
Unannounced and uninvited
That seem to bring the worst for us,
Hearts full of grief…ignited…

We question why, why did this happen?
Who caused all this disaster?
The real question goes much deeper now…
Who truly is our Master?

Are we the ones who hold all the keys
To the destiny of our lives?
Do we possibly know what’s best for us
In the midst of Satan’s lies?

How are we to handle life
When changes come our way?
Whether good or bad, we must know
That “change” is here to stay.

We can kick and scream against it
And “sport” a big bad attitude
Or know our awesome God knows best
And go to Him with gratitude.

For we don’t tend to look at life
With eternity in mind,
We look at the very small picture
Which often makes us blind

To all the good that eventually comes
For those who trust in Him,
The One who came to heal our hearts
And build the ruins back again.

So we must fully put our trust
In the omniscient God above
And know that he allows changes
For our good and from His love.

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