Posted by: Anne | May 7, 2009

Angry Conversations With God

Angry Conversations With God
by Susan E. Isaacs

About The Book

Angry Conversations began when Susan hit hit forty and found herself loveless, jobless, and living over a garage. When a well-meaning churchy friend told Susan she needed to look at her relationship with God like it was a marriage, Susan decided to take God to marriage counseling.

Angry Conversations chronicles Susan’s spiritual history, from childhood faith to midlife crisis, and all the bizarre church experiences in between…


“If King David were a woman, and were funny, he’d be Susan Isaacs. And the thing about this book is it surprises you. There are lines in it you won’t see coming. You’ll be handing this book to somebody else about a month from now thinking, Maybe this will help them understand me. You’ll do that because it helped you understand yourself first.” (Donald Miller, New York Times bestselling author of Blue Like Jazz )

“Susan’s brilliant comic idea of taking God to couples therapy is a terrific framework for the story of her personal journey of faith.” (Jim Gaffigan, actor and comedian )

“Face it, folks, the church is made up of messed-up people all trying to deal with life. I appreciate writers like Susan who creatively face their issues with honesty and humor. ANGRY CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD is a really fun read.” (Tony Hale, actor )

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” This book wasn’t what I expected. The author, Susan Isaacs, is a moderately successful actress/writer/comedienne who has worked on movies and TV shows you would be familiar with. Why don’t you know her on a first name basis? That is part of the fuel for the fire of this book. In telling her lack-of-success story Susan is “snarky,” her cover is cute, and even her book title is clever. I imagined that it would be a humorous read, something fluffy like Oreo filling that I could enjoy between the hard shell theology books on my plate. But this ended up being a book that has significant substance. Sometimes I get the impression that the Christian authors I read just want to sell books, to see their name on a book spine, or to appear to the rest of us that they are ahead of the pack. They produce books full of outlines that if followed will solve all the answers to church growth problems, deal with leadership issues, nail down how to live as a modern Christian in the post-modern world, and provide seven steps to get to whatever. And though I’m sure there is much value in these attempts, sometimes I just want to relate to someone who is asking the same questions that I am… “

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