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God’s Little Devotional Book

Since I’m including book reviews on this site, it’s only right that I include God’s Little Devotional Book, as I’ve posted several of the more common stories from the book here.

I’ve been using the book this year as part of my daily Bible reading, although I’ve discovered it only has entries enough to go through half the year. (Ah, well. Maybe I’ll read it through again then for the next half of the year!) I really like the way it presents its stories, with a brief, often memorable main point and then a for-instance to support it. I’m finding that I remember more of the “lessons” with this format.

I’m actually not sure this particular edition is still available, but there are plenty of other “God’s Little Devotional Books” for moms, dads, teens, etc. I suspect that they’re just as good as this one. If you’re looking for an encouraging word, look no further than this series.