Posted by: Anne | December 5, 2009

simple gift ideas

Creative Ways to Give this Season

Some of you thrive off the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, scouring stores for the best finds at the best prices, taking in the cheery sights and sounds that differ from store to store. And some of you cringe at the thought of long lines and circling the parking lot ten times over, just to spend hours stressing over a gift you’re not totally satisfied with. Do either of these sound familiar to you?

I go back and forth, depending on the day, the mood, the weather…the desperation from procrastination! But I do love the chance to find a meaningful gift without having to wander aimlessly throughout the stores in search of it. For those of you who would agree, I have put together a cheat sheet of great gifts at little to no cost that should get you little to lots of gratitude…

  • Prepare a recipe book of family favorite recipes from your childhood. You can also compile recipes from neighbors, friends, your church community or other communities of interest.
  • If you’re an artist, or just crafty with stamps, glitter and the sort, make stationery and matching envelopes to give as a sentimental gift. Include a quote of love or inspiration or possibly a monogram.
  • Create a calendar online with your favorite photo memories or go in store to a print shop and use their services to create something special with your photos.
  • Frame a handwritten poem, or your wedding vows.
  • Make coupons to babysit for new parents, shovel the sidewalk for a neighbor, or give a good old fashioned foot rub to your sweetheart.
  • Offer lessons in knitting, piano, chess or other hobby where you are skilled.
  • Write and illustrate a short story for the youngsters in your life.
  • Design a menu of delicious dishes, wrap it up and give it to intended recipient with instruction to choose one entrée that will be made especially for them.
  • Record your child singing Christmas songs or favorite hymns to give to grandparents so they can hear their grandbaby’s sweet little voice any time they want.
  • Paint a picture on canvas, knit a scarf, or paint a piece of pottery at a local paint-your-own-pottery store.
  • Visit the bead store and try your hand at designing earrings, necklaces, bracelets and key chains.
  • And of course, make cookies, fudge, muffins and other sweet treats to fill a basket wrapped in cellophane and a big, festive bow.


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