Posted by: Anne | July 17, 2010

the pit

The Pit

A man fell into a pit and couldn’t get himself out. He needed help. However…

… A subjective person came along and said, “I feel for you down there.”

… An objective person walked by and declared, “It’s logical that someone would fall down there.”

… A mathematician calculated the odds of falling into a pit.

… A news reporter wanted the exclusive story on the pit.

… A fundamentalist said, “You deserve your pit.”

… Confucius said, “If you had listened to me, you would not be in the pit.”

… Buddha said, “A pit is only your state of mind.”

… A realist said, “That is a pit!”

… A scientist determined the pressure necessary to get him out of the pit.

… A geologist told him to appreciate the rock strata in the pit.

… A taxman asked him if he was paying taxes on the pit.

… The city inspector asked him if he had a permit to dig a pit.

… An evasive person came and avoided the person in the pit all together.

… A self-pitying person said, “You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen MY pit.”

… A psychologist theorized, “Your mother and father are to blame for your being in the pit.”

… A self-esteem therapist said, “Believe in yourself and you can get out of the pit.”

… An optimist said, “Things could be worse.”

… A pessimist said, “Things WILL get worse.”

Then Jesus, seeing the man, took him by the hand and lifted him out of the pit.

–Author Unknown
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