Posted by: Anne | July 24, 2010

be encouraged

Searching for hope, you open the cover [of your Bible].

For some reason, you allow the pages to flip to the middle of the New Testament. They come to rest on Philippians, and your eyes stop on a yellow block in Chapter Four.

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” (Phil. 4:13)

You have read this many times before, but something makes you read it again.

Maybe it is the fact that you want to laugh in disgust and declare that this proclamation is not meant for you.

Possibly, it is because in the midst of recognizing your weaknesses, you want to believe that this verse can be true–God CAN still use you.

As courage begins to simmer in your heart, you sense God’s whispers, “My plan for you is still very exciting, and I can’t wait to help you accomplish what I created you for. You are not destined to fail, you were crafted to succeed. I am offering you strength for the future, not a rebuke for the past.”

You sense renewed hope and strength returning. God has not left you and He has not forsaken you. After a few minutes in silent prayer, you fall asleep knowing that tomorrow is a new day.

(Source: excerpted from – used with permission.)

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