Posted by: Anne | August 14, 2010

Spit Out The Pits

Spit Out The Pits

“Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else.”
I Thessalonians 5:15

One of the greatest coaches in my life was my mom. She was always encouraging me, and she never stopped teaching me, even when I didn’t feel like heeding her advice.

One of the mantras that she spouted regularly, and still repeats today, is “Eat the cherries and spit out the pits.”

Usually, it came as a reminder that relationships, even good ones, are difficult at times. Instead of walking away when the challenges increased, she was reminding me to focus on the positive aspects of a person and ignore their “pits”.

I am sure that you have experienced challenging relationships. Friends or family members get under your skin. But instead of getting angry or getting your nose out of joint, you need to learn to “eat the cherries and spit out the pits.”

When someone unknowingly hurts you, don’t get even. “Eat the cherries and spit out the pits.”

Rather than criticize someone when they do something dumb, “eat the cherries and spit out the pits.”

See, there are a few things that are guaranteed in life. God is always good, gravity always works, and relationships will always be a challenge. But if you adopt my mom’s philosophy, you can find good even in those difficult ones.

My guess is that it would not take much work for you to mentally picture someone who knows how to push your buttons. Maybe they work to intentionally irritate you, or perhaps their personality simply grates on you. Maybe they don’t even know it.

If my mom was standing in front of you right now, I know what she would say. With a wry smile on her face that only comes from years of understanding and experience, she would simply say, “Eat the cherries and spit out the pits.”

And that is great advice.

(Source: excerpted from – used with permission.)

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