Posted by: Anne | June 4, 2011

comebacks to help diffuse an argument

22 Comebacks to Help Diffuse an Argument

  1. Please try to understand my point of view.
  2. Wait, can I take that back?
  3. You don’t have to solve this—it helps me just to talk to you.
  4. This is important to me. Please listen.
  5. I overreacted, I’m sorry.
  6. I see you’re in a tough position.
  7. I can see my part in this.
  8. I hadn’t thought of it that way before.
  9. I could be wrong.
  10. Let’s agree to disagree on that.
  11. This isn’t just your problem, it’s our problem.
  12. I’m feeling unappreciated.
  13. We’re getting off the subject.
  14. You’ve convinced me.
  15. Please keep talking to me.
  16. I realize it’s not your fault.
  17. That came out all wrong.
  18. I see how I contributed to the problem.
  19. What are we really fighting about?
  20. How can I make things better?
  21. I’m sorry.
  22. I love you.

(Source: first heard on the radio, then found multiple places around the Web.)


  1. One other possibly “diffusing” comment could be: “I’m not criticizing, just making an observation.” Someone said that to me, and while I do think the person who said it is quite critical, after hearing this line I tried to not take his comments so personally. I’ve even found myself using this as a note of explanation when I’m talking to other people.

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