Posted by: Anne | January 14, 2012

Superior Guidance

Superior Guidance

To them the walls looked big and insurmountable, but to me they looked miniscule. The challenge of the maze was intricate to the mice, but to me-the one who created it, the one who was perched to see every detail-the answers were obvious.

After several days of watching my mice wander through the maze, I took a ruler and began to gently nudge one of them down the correct path. Within seconds, my mouse was enjoying a hearty meal.

Although my understanding of the spiritual parallels between men and mice was very limited when I was a young boy, I now see many similarities. As humans, we wander through life (many times aimlessly) hoping to stumble upon blessings and fulfillment. The challenges look extreme, and the roadblocks seem insurmountable. The “maze” of life creates questions, fuels insecurities, and promotes confusion. We feel like little animals scurrying around searching for hope.

As we often feel alone, there is One who sits in an elevated position watching with interest. God looks on as we make decisions, only to discover that we have caused ourselves pain and stalled progress. He sympathetically sees us invest in things that steal from our value and takes us away from His ultimate plan for our life.

As He observes our choices He is not silent. He tries to interject wisdom, yet many times we fail to listen. Either we don’t realize that God is actually there, or we are convinced that we have a better understanding and view than He does. By both ignoring and rejecting Him, we keep Him locked out of our lives.

We are not pets in a maze, we are sons and daughters of God, yet we still need the gentle nudges that help position us correctly. There are rewards along the way, as well as at the end of our journey, but only as we let God direct and lead us will we discover them. Through His word He speaks to us. By His Spirit working within us, He guides us, He warns us of impending danger, and He indicates the paths of blessing. He doesn’t leave us to our own devices, but He has offered us His assistance as we traverse the trail of life.

He sees every bend in the road. He knows every trial that will come our way. He has a perfect perspective and only when we invite Him to determine our direction will we begin to make progress and truly enjoy the rewards.

(Source: – used with permission.)

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