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book review: Be Anxious For Nothing

Be Anxious for Nothing: The Art of Casting Your Cares and Resting in God
by Joyce Meyer


“Outstanding Bible teacher and author Joyce Meyer gives practical and powerful answers as she shares her past defeats with worry, frustration, and stress. Readers will discover the victorious principles that helped her to overcome these obstacles and revolutionize her life and ministry.”


“This book blessed me in a time when I was unsure about many things in life. I wanted to prosper but I wanted it now not later. This book help me to see that God has an appointed time for everything and that we can go to God with our cares and let Him handle everything.”

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I read this book earlier this year, and, like the reader who commented above, it really blessed me in a time when I was very anxious. Just as it said in the book, I was feeling that way because I was trying to mentally get into things that have not yet happened, and fretting over things in the past — both equally fruitless and frustrating things to do.

The whole book was a much-needed reminder for me of so many great Bible truths, with perhaps the most personally significant being that I can either trust in what I can do (which ain’t much!) or trust that our good God will do what He says He will (which is how we truly find relief from anxiety!).

If you like this some rain, some shine blog – or even if you don’t – and if you ever find yourself with a heavy heart, I absolutely recommend this book. Joyce Meyer has been through a lot in her life, and I’m so glad she chose to write about her journey.