Posted by: Anne | December 9, 2012

Give the Gift: Say the Words

One day last week, I greeted my boss with a “Good morning,” but he pretty much shut me down with a grumpy complaint in response. Since he’s usually an even-tempered guy, I didn’t dwell on it. Later that day, however, he offered a brief apology, which I thought showed a lot of class.

Unfortunately, I found myself recalling times not long ago when I’ve snapped at a member of my family. I knew I was out of line and needed to apologize – but I’m ashamed to say that I gave in to pride and said nothing. My family’s typical response to a blow-up is to let it go by moving on to another topic — albeit after an awkwardly quiet moment or two. You might think this not-dwelling-on-it would make it easier to apologize, but somehow, it just seems more conducive to silently counting on them to understand.

Still, my boss’s owning up to his bad mood has challenged me. Shouldn’t I be at least that willing to swallow my own pride – and speak up – for the people who mean the most to me?

More than that, what other things do I leave unsaid, taking for granted that they know?

And wouldn’t this be a great time to start voicing some of those things?

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