Posted by: Anne | September 14, 2013

the opposite of greed

Greed can be defined as “an inordinate desire to acquire and possess.” While envy and covetousness involve an improper desire to possess what someone else has, greed focuses more on endeavoring to satisfy self without a comparison to others. Another definition might be “an inappropriate attitude towards things of value in the mistaken judgment that one’s well-being is tied to one’s possessions.”

After we get more, we desire more still. All must guard against this tendency. “Let your moderation be known unto all men” (Philippians 4:5) is the Bible’s prescription and antidote. Whether it is the Israelites wanting manna, then not being satisfied with it, or a modern-day couple wanting a needlessly larger and more expensive home, this tendency to want more has a long, albeit ignoble, history in mankind’s existence. By contrast, contentment is a godly virtue. In fact, in many ways, contentment is the opposite of greed: “And having food and raiment let us be therewith content” (1 Timothy 6:8). “Be content with such things as ye have” (Hebrews 13:5).

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