Posted by: Anne | March 8, 2014

spring cleaning: a new start

(Author Unknown)

I will start anew this morning with a higher, fairer creed;
I will cease to stand complaining of my ruthless neighbor’s greed;

I will cease to sit repining while my duty’s call is clear;
I will waste no moment whining and my heart shall know no fear.

I will look sometimes about me for the things that merit praise;
I will search for hidden beauties that elude the grumbler’s gaze.

I will try to find contentment in the paths that I must tread;
I will cease to have resentment when another moves ahead.

I will not be swayed by envy when my rival’s strength is shown;
I will not deny his merit, but I’ll strive to prove my own;

I will try to see the beauty spread before me, rain or shine;
I will cease to preach your duty, and be more concerned with mine.

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