Posted by: Anne | February 21, 2015

Practical Ways to Show Love

Practical Ways to Show Love to a Perfect Stranger

* Be aware of other people’s existence. I’m talking basic manners here. If I bump into you, walk in front of you, or step on your foot, the polite thing to say is “excuse me.” It’s not hard, really. Just try it. People will feel so validated to know they aren’t invisible.

* Don’t criticize. Got complaints? Keep them to yourself. Chances are the person you wish to vent on, is not the person responsible for whatever it is that has got your hair in a frizz.

* Be patient. I don’t know how many times I’ve been at the check out line with someone behind me literally running their cart into my ankles because they can’t wait 7.5 seconds for me to stuff my wallet into my purse, push my heaping grocery cart with my elbow out of the way, as I’m wrangling my two-year-old bent on acquiring that tempting bag of M&M’s she spies, all the while balancing on one foot using the other to nudge my oblivious four-year-old out of the oncoming rush of an energetic stream of shoppers. We all have times when we need other people to be patient with us: let’s show the same courteousness to others. It will brighten their day in ways you can’t imagine.

* Say please and thank you. It’s not just for kids who want a sucker, it’s for adults too. Try saying it to the girl in the drive through, she might enjoy being addressed as a human for a change, rather than a mechanical arm delivering big macs out a window. People will naturally respond to you in like form when addressed in a kind and gracious manner… nobody likes to be barked at. It certainly won’t hurt anyone’s feelings to show appreciation by saying thank you either.

* Show genuine interest. Ask someone a question, and then be genuinely interested in what they have to say. This shows that person that I think they are important…they aren’t just a customer, or just a person hired to help me, they are an individual person of value. One way we do this in my family, is to ask waiters at restaurants before we pray for our meal if there is any need they have that they would like us to pray for…you’d be surprised how people will just melt when you show genuine interest in them.

Our kids wouldn’t need a federally funded anti-bullying campaign if they were learning from our example how to treat one another with love. Something is lacking that the Feds aren’t going to be able to fix with spiffy websites and peppy slogans…no more than a shiny new tooth brush will fix an existing cavity. You and I, the individual, can fix it. Our kids learn from us, we set the example. We are all just individuals, but individuals can make a massive impact on society if we take our ability to influence those around us seriously.

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