Posted by: Anne | July 11, 2015

don’t just talk the talk (or post the post)

Some thoughts on a Saturday night….

I see a lot of posts about God on Facebook. It’s great. In this day and time, and in a culture that grows shallower by the day, a reference to the power that put all this in motion is a good thing.

But there is a thought that always goes through my mind. Maybe I’m a step closer to being the old cranky guy in the hardware story. I think there is some responsibility when you throw the “G-word” around.

Are we in danger of turning social-networking God references into the faith version of “Hi, how are you?”?

The person could respond with “I eat puppies” instead of “doing fine” and it wouldn’t garner a glance.

If you show up at church Sunday, and you post God all day long on your Facebook page, I do have a question.

For those intervals that your real life intervenes, do you bring God in everyday?

Do you treat people with love and respect? Or do you join the masses and light your torch, grab your pitchfork and storm the castle at the least offering?

Do you attack those you profess to love with negativity and brandish your record of grievances like a sword? Do you embrace those in pain, put an arm around those in needs, and support those who are fragile and first venture out for help?

Or do you lure them in, and revel in bashing their spirit? Do you support a person’s journey to better themselves, or do you look them square in the eye and say “you don’t have it in you to better yourself, to learn more, to be a better person, or find God. Don’t even try.”

Do you reach out to those looking for cover and relief? Do you hold them close and tell them “this will work out?”

Or is their discomfort your sport of choice?

Is the God you flash on Facebook a God of love, or a God who gives you a free pass to tee off?

It’s easy to talk the talk….

Do you put an arm around those who need care and love?

How do you treat waiters?

Maybe it’s the difference between saying you are a devout believer compared to being a devout Christian.

Structure, trappings, and ritual are not guarantees of grace.

Grace is like air, to be breathed, savored, and most importantly, shared.

Every day. Every second.

You don’t pick and choose if you believe.

Do you?

by Greg S.
December 2012

“But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” James 2:18

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