Posted by: Anne | August 29, 2015

How To Get Along With Negative People

How To Get Along With the Negative People

Let me define a negative person: someone who hates hard work, refuses to accept responsibility for their failures, and has no desire to improve themselves.

Catch the Right Attitude – Negative attitudes catch on more easily than positive ones. The reason is that our survival-driven, limbic system in the brain has kept us safe for centuries by alerting us to negative information warning us of danger. Negative stimuli produce more neural activity than positive stimuli. Social psychologists explain that negative information is like Velcro while positive information is like Teflon. Negativity is stickier; we take it more seriously and pay more attention to it.

Tip: We do not need to run from negative information because it creates anxiety or fear in us. Do not let the negativity of others affect your well-being.

Positive Mental Chatter is Key – The way in which we speak to ourselves is one of the best indicators of our chances of success. Our mental chatter is up to 70% negative. This negativity bias is a psychological phenomenon that programs us to avoid negative experiences in the future.

Tip: When surrounded by negative people, we need to recognize when their negativity affects our own mental chatter. Research has shown that we say between 300 to 1,000 words to ourselves every minute. By training yourself to speak and think positively, you can “override fears” that are stimulated by the continual negativity of others.

Maintain a Positive and Realistic Attitude – Researchers have drilled down into the science of positivity, and while Normal Vincent Peale quotes may seem trite to some, there is ample evidence to suggest that maintaining a positive attitude can make the difference between surviving in your circumstances or thriving in a world that you create.

Positivity is the ability to look reality in the face and not flinch. It is not sugar-coated phrases or optimism that insists circumstances will change.

Tip: Often, your circumstances will not change and you must decide how you will continue to move forward anyway. Positivity is believing your destiny is in your hands.

Be an example to the negative people around you by helping them identify what they are good at and encourage them to focus on those positive qualities. Once they do, they may begin believing they are more than passive observers in their own life.

“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude toward us.”~John N. Mitchell

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