Posted by: Anne | October 17, 2015

a bag of tricks: effective barriers to communication

a bag of tricks: effective barriers to communication*

): Zeroing in on differences

): Skewing my own view of the situation by rushing to slap a label on others. “She posted a picture from her trip to Hawaii. Braggart!” Isn’t it possible that she is simply sharing one of her experiences? Must she only post bad news? Wait, then she’ll be called a Debbie Downer…

): Every offense is the proverbial hill to die on

): Give voice to every thought that enters your mind.

): Failure to realize that a perceived attitude from me will very often negatively skew the reaction I get. And I should understand that, because if I’m not showing respect, why should they?

): Selfishness: I am right above all else

): Marshaling your forces: rant to uninvolved parties so they can tell you you’re right

): If someone hurts you, hurt them back!

): Expecting people to read your mind

): Unfriending on social media

): Unhelpful accusations: “You always do that!”

): Keeping it all bottled inside until one day, one small thing sets you off and, in a tidal wave of rage, you air every grievance you’ve ever had with the person.

): An unforgiving spirit. Big offense or small, one strike and they are OUT!

* Of course, this is only a smattering of examples, not an all-inclusive list.


  1. Note that while this compilation is “by me,” a few lines were pulled from years-old sources that I am currently unable to verify. If you feel that I owe you credit, “communicate” and let me know!

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