Posted by: Anne | January 16, 2016

out with the old: never enough

Toxic Thoughts You Need To Get Rid Of To Be Happy

“I don’t have enough money.”

Money is a real concern. In fact, it’s one of the biggest contributing factors to relationship demise, because worrying and fighting about money makes us feel primordially unsafe.

The solution isn’t to get more money; it’s to get money-smart, so that instead of acting from fear or depletion, you act from knowledge. If you ever avoid looking at your account because you’re terrified of what’s inside, then you’re acting from fear.

The only type of people who don’t worry about money are the kind that stare down the beast and figure out a game plan. It’s not about having more than enough. If you had a lot of money but no idea how or what to do with it, you’d be just as freaked out and miserable. Focus less on the amount, and more on wisely managing what you have.

There are books, online tutorials, TV shows, and even associates at your local bank who can sit down with you and help you. Step by step. Be the kind of person who sacrifices an hour of her time to figure that out, because you deserve one less worry.

Instead, say: “I’m in control of my lifestyle.”

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