Posted by: Anne | February 27, 2016

why you can’t trust feelings

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs 14:12

Feelings are… complicated. Intense. Mind altering. Wonderful. All consuming. Nerve wracking. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, our feelings are many things. The one thing they are not, is facts.

4 Reasons You Can’t Trust Your Feelings

1. They Lie – Feelings focus on what feels good while tuning out the warning signs. They tell us “everything will be fine.” They talk us into believing we don’t care. That this time will be different. That we won’t be sorry. Feelings tell us that we can handle the consequences – and they lie.

2. They’re Selfish – Have you ever been around a child whose parents cater to their every need? When we let feelings be our boss, the results are similar.

The next time our feelings beg to be coddled, let’s give them a “time out.” A time to pause, pray and remember…

We are not the only person in the universe — and our actions always affect others.

3. Feelings don’t have your future in mind. – You deserve this blasts through your mind in high definition sound. You don’t care who is watching. You don’t care about the consequences, you don’t care who is in the way, you don’t care about tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the relationship you’re not ready for, the car you can’t afford, or the commitment you’re breaking, your feelings are on a mission.

Feelings have a voice and deserve to be heard. But sometimes, you have to tell them to shut up. You don’t “deserve” another season of headaches and heartaches. You’ve come too far.

4. All of the Above –If you met someone who lied, was selfish and did not have your future in mind, would you trust them?

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