Posted by: Anne | June 11, 2016

communication: you can make it or break it

If the point of communication is to share – information, thoughts, feelings, etc. – then it behooves us to be aware of barriers that can hinder the process.

Ineffective Communication

“You” Statements – You’re interrupting me again!

Inferential Statements – You’re not listening to me!

Evaluative/Judgmental Statements – You sound like a male chauvinist!

Over-Catastrophizing Statements – You’re always coming in late to work!

Blaming – You’re taking me off the issue!

Tactless Statements – That was a stupid thing to say!

Demanding – I got the coffee last time. Someone else should get it today!

Unorganized Thought – Please come at 2 pm, okay not 2 come at 2.30 pm instead, fine let us freeze it for 3 pm

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