Posted by: Anne | September 10, 2016

hard lessons everyone should learn

Hard lessons everyone should learn

1. Your worldview may be seriously flawed. – It’s natural to feel as if you have a solid life philosophy figured out by the time you graduate college, but you will most likely redefine how you see relationships, politics, your career, and anything else you can think of. As Rachel Laine puts it, “[Y]ou discover everything that you thought you had all figured out was tragically wrong, laughably confused, or utterly delusional.”

2. Life is hard, and it never gets much easier. – “You will fail in life, over and over and over. It won’t feel fair. Maybe for decades. You’ve got to keep moving forward. Keep going,” Perkins says.

3. You must keep learning if you want to be successful. – Your education is far from over after you leave a classroom for the last time.

4. Meaningful relationships are difficult to maintain. – If and when you decide to consider marriage or at least a serious romantic relationship, you’re going to realize that it requires plenty of sacrifices and work. You’ll realize the same goes for your closest friends, who will also be changing as you grow older. But these relationships are more important to your happiness and fulfillment than anything else in your life, says Tatum.

5. People will resent you if you try to always be right. – “Let go of having to be right about things — this isn’t a contest,” Perkins says. “It’s not a game. You don’t win at life. So say, ‘Thanks for your perspective. I’ll think about that,’ or, ‘I was wrong. I’m sorry.'”

8. You’re not entitled to anything. – Be grateful for what you have, and realize that in a single moment you can lose the things you take for granted.

9. Picking fights and holding grudges will make you miserable. – “Avoid fights. Seriously. Avoid them like a plague: Nobody wins in a fight, even if you walk away unscathed,” Tatum writes.

Accept apologies, and apologize when you make a mistake. Don’t fill your life with negativity.

10. Decisions that take a few seconds to make can have long-term ramifications. – Never make a decision on an emotional impulse. “[S]tupid decisions made in the moment can rob you of years of joy and happiness,” Tatum writes.

12. Hard work isn’t always recognized. – You should accept that your boss may not always notice your contributions, Bhatt says.

Do not let that be an excuse to become lazy, and don’t protest if someone else gets credit for your work.

14. There is always someone “better” than you. – “There are always going to be people who are smarter, better looking, more sociable, and just all around ‘better’ than you. … To be happy, then, you have to learn to accept yourself and your shortcomings,” Brandon Chu says.

15. You’ll never have it “all sorted out.” – “Remember when you thought you’d have it all sorted out by 30?” Chu asks. You’ll realize how silly that is as your 30th birthday draws closer. The truth is, you’ll become wiser with age, but you’ll always question your decisions.

Use this knowledge to recognize that everyone else is in the same position as you, no matter what image others project to the world. This can help you become more insightful, compassionate, and forgiving, Powell says.

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