Posted by: Anne | January 7, 2017

resolved: one day at a time

One Day at a Time

“Each day has enough trouble of its own” — now there’s an understatement! Do you wake every day wondering what catastrophe is awaiting you? Perhaps it seems as if disasters have taken numbers and are standing in line just waiting to bombard your life.

The wonderful old song “One Day at a Time” offers the best solution for handling the struggles of life: “Just give me the strength to do every day what I have to do.” After all, that’s the only way life can be lived—one day at a time.

– It’s impossible to live in yesterday because yesterday is gone. You can’t get it back, no matter how appealing that may seem. The happy memories of yesterday are yours to treasure, but that time has elapsed, and you must move on.

– It’s also impossible to live tomorrow because it has not yet arrived. In truth tomorrow will never arrive because when it comes it is no longer tomorrow. Tomorrow is like a marvelous butterfly—beautiful to behold but illusive to capture.

Are you trading the rewarding moment of today for a fading picture of yesterday or the unpromised dream of tomorrow, perhaps to escape today’s reality? If so, you may be missing God’s blessing for today—his carefully wrapped present that can only be opened one day at a time.

Live in the moment! Celebrate today while it is still today. It is the dream you looked forward to yesterday, and tomorrow it will only be a memory—so make it a sweet one.

Mary Hollingsworth

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