Posted by: Anne | February 18, 2017

pampered, or purposed?

Many thanks to my Facebook friend, Caren, for this:

The Bible is such a wonder! You can read a passage over and over, and get something new from it every time. I was reading and studying Psalm 23, probably the most well known passage of the Bible. We all read it and see our Shepherd, how He takes care and provides for us, His sheep. But this time, I saw something totally different!

Yes, He is our Shepherd and He does take care of us as His sheep. But do we just see ourselves as pet sheep? That’s not what sheep were for in Bible times. Sheep were raised for 3 things. For wool, for food, and for sacrifice. The shepherd took care of his flock to prepare them for their purpose. Yes, the shepherd loved his sheep, he invested in his sheep, he protected his sheep and he led his sheep…for a purpose.

We are His sheep. We have a purpose. God loves us, invests in us, protects us, and leads us…for a purpose. We are not just spoiled pets. Our purpose isn’t just to be petted and pampered. We are to provide wool – taking care of needs of others. We are to provide meat – feeding the souls of others with the Word of God. We are to provide a sacrifice – living our lives for our Shepherd and others.

Are you just a pet sheep, or do you have a purpose?

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