Posted by: Anne | March 25, 2017

nothing more than feelings

I’m going through an emotional time, and I’m discovering that when my thoughts threaten to run away with me, I can help keep them in check by reminding myself that, no matter how strong and real they may seem, feelings are *not* truth.

If I need evidence, I need look no further than the way my feelings can change with lightning speed. For example, over the past year, more than once – in a particularly bad moment – I’d feel doomed, but then, the next instant I’d feel hopeful. Was I truly doomed and then, mere seconds later, suddenly fine and dandy? Of course not. Only the feelings changed.

Naturally, we will react emotionally from time to time. (Some of us more than others…) But before we expand a bad moment to live in a miserable state of overreaction, let us push past that urge and seek the bigger picture. Otherwise, we lose twice: we’re suffering, and yet, we’re doing so needlessly.


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