Posted by: Anne | April 22, 2017

the importance of Easter

5 Reasons Why Easter Is Important to Christians

1. Jesus Restores Our Brokenness: Because of all Christ accomplished on the cross and confirmed by rising from the dead, we are not under sin’s condemnation. This means that even regrets need not be a part of your life in Christ anymore. The Savior declares those things forgiven. Jesus Christ pronounces them done, handled, gone, buried, behind us, over, finished!

2. Jesus Provides Faith to Settle Our Doubts: A lot of people struggle with doubts—and you can bring yours to Jesus. If you’re sincerely wrestling with Can I trust God? or Can I trust His Word? Is all of this real? you don’t have to be afraid. From the flaming questions of Job to the stubborn “Show me!” of Thomas, God has demonstrated an incredible capacity to deal with the doubter. In Jesus’ presence, doubts vanish.

3. Jesus Gives Peace to Replace Our Fears: Perhaps you have been dealing with a specific need. You are waiting and praying for a significant change. I believe with all of my heart that Jesus Christ is alive! And I believe He wants to touch every need in our lives.

4. Jesus Conquers Our Struggles: Maybe there’s a particular sin that rings your phone, and every time you answer, you wonder, Will I ever get victory here? Will I ever be able to leave this addictive pattern behind? Know this: those are the exact areas Jesus wants to step into and conquer with His resurrection power!

5. Jesus Encourages when We’re Overwhelmed: Maybe you’ve been heavyhearted or overwhelmed from carrying some other weight. Jesus Christ wants not only to address but also to make you new again. With His resurrection newness, Jesus can touch any area in our lives where we have struggled. He did when He left the grave, and He’s still doing it today.

Whatever you are facing today, I’ve got breaking news: the resurrected Jesus is alive! And He is ready to make Himself known powerfully in your life—to make you forever new.

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