Posted by: Anne | May 20, 2017

lesson learned: we still have much to learn!

Did you know… sometimes there IS a method to the madness?

During a conversation about my days as a waitress, my office co-worker asked if we had been allowed to take home food that hadn’t been sold at the end of the day. I replied that we weren’t, and this – somewhat surprisingly – irritated OfficeMate, who began to rant that he couldn’t see any harm in it, when that food was just going to be thrown away.

I could have joined him in his indignation, but I’d been told the reasoning behind this decision. I shared it with him: previously, the restaurant had allowed people to take the leftovers home, but the policy was changed after some cooks began deliberately making too much.

At that, my co-worker could (finally) see the other side.

Lesson Learned: Other people probably have their reasons — even if I can’t fathom what they are.

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