Posted by: Anne | December 16, 2017

The King Who Missed Christmas

The King Who Missed Christmas
by Andy Cook

Matthew 2:1-23

So consider the king who missed Christmas. Consider how difficult it was for him to miss it! International scholars traveled a great distance to tell Herod of the event. His in-house advisors confirmed that the prophets promised the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, the same Bethlehem near the Herodium [Herod’s palace]. In short, Herod knew as much as anyone could have known about the very first Christmas – and yet he missed it.

There were those in the same region who found Christmas. None were quicker to the manger than the shepherds, who got the message from angels. They heard an announcement worthy of royalty… and they rushed to the place where a baby lay in a manger, attended by a young couple from Nazareth. The shepherds worshipped the child there, and left as radically changed people.

Why is it important? Because our Christmas holiday season is surrounded, immersed and even defined by Herodian-like wealth and luxury, and a schedule that gives us almost no time to wait like shepherds on news God Himself might want us to hear. It can happen to the countless numbers of people who know the information about the Christmas story without knowing the Christ of the story. And it can happen to committed believers, trapped in a schedule too full, blinded by a gift list too long and expensive.

The only way to “find Christmas” is to find the Christ child. Of all the gifts surrounding this holiday, this is the only gift that can make a lasting difference in any life.

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