Posted by: Anne | March 17, 2018

Good news!

Why We Need Good News

Nowadays, it’s hard to turn on the TV or read headlines without a reference to “fake news.” [Truth] is being challenged and devalued left and right.

But why should we care about fake news and the brewing battle between fact and fiction? What happens when more and more people start living according to their own truth?

Truth is about more than trusting news sources or having confidence that what we read is accurate. It’s a foundation for morality—right and wrong—and the more it’s challenged, the faster society slides down a slippery slope of compromising values—especially Biblical values.

The Bible is the one written resource where fake news cannot reside. Everything in it can be trusted because God cannot lie (Numbers 23:19).

Read the full article at the source:

How do you know the Bible is true?

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