Posted by: Anne | March 24, 2018

renew your mind: grow your faith

“But the Christian faith is neither a blind, irrational, ‘leap in the dark’ nor a vague, mystical faith in faith itself. It rests on the solid ground of overwhelming evidence.” ~ John MacArthur, MacArthur New Testament Commentary John 12-21

“Christian faith is essentially thinking (by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit) on the truths of God’s Word.” ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“The man of ‘little faith’ is the man who is not allowing the Spirit to fill him with the truth of the Word of God, but is being filled with his own thoughts of fear, worry and suspicion based on circumstances. He then does not think, but goes round and round in circles. Worry is not ‘thinking too much’ – it is not thinking enough about the Biblical truth that you know… Faith is not optimism, wishful thinking, or dreaming. It is a reasoned response to the revealed truth of the Bible with or without emotion.” ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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