Posted by: Anne | June 30, 2018

embrace your freedom… to choose joy

When life is hard, heartbreaking or even just disappointing, it’s easy to start disliking life altogether.

A couple years ago, due to circumstances beyond my control and out of my power to change, I felt stuck. Not only in a difficult situation, but in a new phase of life I didn’t want to be in. A life which was filled with heartache and disappointment and fears.

Perhaps you can relate. Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out like we thought it would, and it stinks. In fact, it’s not fair. It’s not deserved. It’s not right. Questions flood our minds and crush our spirits. Questions like …. What is God thinking? Does He not see? Does He not hear my prayers? Why is this happening? And am I ever going to feel happy again?

We’ve probably all been there at one time or another. It is those times of feeling stuck when we have to choose how we’re going to live our life – in joy or in misery. Are we going to let our circumstances and other people dictate our joy and happiness, or are we going to take control of it and live life with joy?

– Tracie Miles, Author

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