Posted by: Anne | August 3, 2019

back to school: hear both sides

“The first person to speak in court always seems right until his opponent begins to question him.”
~ Proverbs 18:17 (Good News Translation)

I have seen this many times. I speak with one person who has their own slant on things. And I come to take their perspective. And then, another comes along and I begin to see things more clearly. I have seen this at home with my children. I have seen this at church when disputes arise. I have seen this when dealing with others outside the church.

You hear the story from one, and you are convinced that an injustice has taken place. But, along comes another, and you see that the truth was shaded just a bit. Or, certain facts weren’t shared with me that helped to clarify everything.

Read the full commentary at the source:

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