Hello, there! My name is Anne, and I’ve occupied a small-ish corner of the Internet for quite some time. (Read details at my website, www.rusted-crush.com.) I started this blog to organize and share the uplifting emails I received, and to spend more of my time on something worthwhile.

That was over 10 years ago. Since then, with encouraging thoughts added nearly every week, this blog has grown to feature hundreds of inspirational posts… some of which are even authored by me.

Options for navigating this site include sorting by “Categories” via the links at the bottom of the page, or selecting by date in the “Archives” section in the column at the right.

Reading through the entries, you may notice a progression from general goodness to various self-help articles, with the latest posts being more Bible-based. That’s because, while “positive thinking” can be beneficial, I’m learning that to grow in my Christian faith, I need a more solid basis: reading — and applying! — the instructions that God has given us in the Bible.

To that end, I’m exploring (and therefore posting more about) Bible teachings. For example, the faith, in other words series looks at specific ways we can “have faith.”

Articles similar to those sampled here, as well as music, studies, and even counseling are among the faith and Bible resources available in the sites linked in the “Blogroll” (in the column at the right).

Thank you for visiting the site… and for venturing past the main page. 😉

Have an awesomely blessed day!

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